Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flakie Comparison (Essie Shine Of The Times, Nubar 2010, & Color Club Snow-Flake)

    I was going through my stash and realized I had three bottles of flakie polish that looked almost exactly the same. So Since I always enjoy a good comparison swatch I thought you guys might too. I am going to show/compare Essie Shine Of The Times, Color Club Snow-Flake, and Nubar 2010. So without Further ado, here they are.

Fist Comparison:

 Essie Shine of The Times vs. Color Club Snow-Flake

Odd angle I know but I wanted to show the color variation. 

Essie - Shine Of The Times

Color Club - Snow-Flake

      So they are color wise exactly the same. They do however differ in glitter size. SF is smaller more evenly sized glitter where SOTT  is a mixture of small and medium flakes.

Second Comparison: 

Essie Shine Of The Times vs Nubar 2010

Nubar -2010

Essie - Shine Of The Times
      Again same colors. There are however two differences between the two. The first is that 2010 has a range if flakey from small to really large where SOTT has small to medium. The second difference is in quantity. SOTT has way more flakies than 2010
     All pictures are with two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather and two coats of each of the flaky polishes over top. As you guys can see the color is exactly the same across the board the only differences are quantity and flake size. And to be honest if the way most flakies apply you have variation in application and different disbursements of flakes so if you are fiending for one and you can't find it one of the other 2 will work exactly the same. That said I do have a favorite of the three and that's Essie SOTT. The application is super smooth and dries really fast. In order of dry time I'd place the, (fastest to slowest) Essie, Color Club, Nubar. Other than that if you are looking for a orange to green range flaky you can't go wrong with any of these beauties. That's all I have for you guys today. Until next time, stay classy and stay polished. 

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