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Q: Will I ever have magnetic nail polish on my blog?

A: No, I won't. I have a genetic (and chronic) skin condition called Dyshidrotic (pronounced Dis-hide-rod-ic) Eczema and one of my triggers is metal. The main ingredient in magnetic polishes that gives them the (very cool) patterns when magnets are applied to them is iron, or some other base metal. Metal's (like iron, nickel, and magnesium) are one of my eczema triggers so I will never be using or showing these polishes. Which is a shame because I think they are really cool but I don't want to risk it, Dyshidrotic Eczema is painful, and itchy, so I avoid flair ups whenever possible.

Q: What are my favorite nail products?

A: Okay, here we go but these change regularly: Base coat is Orly Bonder, Top coat is Seche Vite, Cuticle Oil is CND, nail polish remover and nail polish thinner are both Beauty Secrets, hand cremes (I have a few) Burt's Bees (any), Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing & Repair Balm, as well was Gloves in a Bottle, and lastly nail file, I use emery boards because my nails peel more with the glass and stone files I have tried (but that could be just my crumby nails do to my skin condition they may work better for you), I like a 220/230 grit file for my hands and for my toes 100/180. I never use nail clippers on my nails I don't like the little jagged edges they create.

Q: Where do I buy my nail polish?

A: Everywhere....yes I know that's a non-answer, answer but let me extrapolate that for you. I buy most of my polishes at Sally Beauty Supply, I've bought a few on Amazon.com, a few from Ebay, a couple at Target, one or two from Cherry Culture, a bunch from Head2Toe Beauty and I had to track down one hard to find Revlon polish called Whimsical at Kmart. So pretty much if I am somewhere that sells polish I may buy polish...If they have anything that strikes my fancy that day.

Q: What kind of Camera do I use?

A: My camera is kind of old but it's still useful. It's a Nikon Coolpix S9 (Silver). It sucks batteries dry really fast but it does the trick...there may be a camera upgrade in my near future.

Q: Are there any nail trends I don't like?

A: Yes 'Fish Egg' manicures and 'stiletto nails.' One is just not practical for every day wear and the other reminds me of Victor Creed's ("Saber Tooth") nails in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Or as Wade Wilson ("Dead Pool" from the same movie) would say "bag lady fingernails." I don't know what it is about these two styles but they really just make me unhappy. I love nail art, I embrace nail art, but I also want it to be practical. I don't understand why you would want daggers on your hands (what if your face itched...ouch!) or tiny beads falling off all day (And into your food or what have you). I'm also not a huge fan of crackle polishes they look dirty to me but I am starting to come around and may even buy one in the future.

Q: What's my favorite nail polish finish?

A: Another double answer. I like creme polishes and chunky glitters. I can't pick which one I love more. They are both just to pretty to decide. But over both, I am going to apply a high shine top coat, so that my nails have that glassy look that trances me. :D

Q: How many bottles of nail polish do I have?

A: I don't know...I don't really count them, and I don't want to. In every other area of my life I like to be precise, orderly and numerical, but in this case not so much. It makes me feel like a nail polish hoarder or something if I count them. Let's just say that I have a lot, less than some bloggers, but more than everyone I know. When friends want their nails done they come to my house because I have a lot of polish to choose from.

Q: How often do I paint my nails?

A: Whenever they chip. I hate chippy polish it makes me crazy. I am a Virgo after all.

Q: When did I get into nail polish/nail art?

A: December 2010 after a particularly terrible outbreak of Dyshidrotic Eczema on my hands and feet. I was looking for a way to maximize my hand/foot care and minimize the surface area where my skin can soak up chemicals (because your body can absorb things through your nails and nail beds). I did what everyone does when they are trying to find out new information I Googled it. Started learning trips and tricks to care for my skin and nails. I read nail polish labels and picked polishes that seemed less likely to harm my skin and an obsession was born. Consequently this care for my skin and nails also had a genius side effect. My nails that had been thin, peeled and were generally weak and easily broken before (probably because of my skin condition) are now thick and strong, because of the care I now give them. Added bonus I haven't had a major flair up since then.

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