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All content on is for use. If you would like to use one (or more) of my pictures please email me at and let me know that you would like to use my photo's (and what you would like to use them for), with the obvious exception of Pinterest...becuase there is no harm done by showing my work to others (Pin you're little hearts out). For all other inquires and usage of my pictures and intellectual property please ask. And if you are granted permission to re-post my photos, don't be a jerk, give me credit and link back to Don't be lame and take credit for my work. I started this blog for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of my readers. Please don't take the fun out of this form me/us. Keep in mind those who ask nicely are more likely to get what they want. Nobody likes a butt-head who steal others work and put their name on it. Don't be a butt-head.

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