Tuesday, October 2, 2012

OPI Mourning Glory Swatch and Review

     Today I have another swatch from the So-So Skullicious mini set. Today I have Mourning Glory (MG) for you guys. MG is black creme that actually reminds me off China Glaze Liquid Leather (see my swatch over here). And again I find myself wanting a larger bottle. But OPI decided to torture us and only give us the mini's.

The bottle.
Indoor no flash.

Indoor flash.

Outdoor shade.

Outdoor sunlight.

Inside with flash.

Inside without flash.

Outdoor in shade.

Outdoor in sunlight.

     I used two coats of MG and a top coat. It dies quickly and to a patent leather finish. Over all I like this color but if you have China Glaze Liquid Leather you probably won't miss this polish very much. I mean lets be honest one black nail polish is just like any other black nail polish after all. So the only thing that separates them is brush and formula. Sadly this isn't even my second black nail polish it's closer to my fifth black polish and probably my second favorite one at that. But since it's in the set and if you want it for some of the other polishes then it's just an added bonus. Any way that's all I have for you today. So until next time, stay classy and stay polished.

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