Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Amazon Nail Polish Haul

    I got some really great prices on nail polish on last week sand after a week of waiting they arrived (well most of them). I got 5 polishes and a top coat. By great prices I mean the most I paid for any polish was $5. Plus I got to knock a few lemmings off my wishlist which are two really awesome things rolled into one. Would you like to see what I got? I thought you might. Here's a picture.

From left to right: China Glaze: Atlantis ($5), Riveting ($4.50), Cast A spell ($4.50), Make A Spectacle ($4.50), and Essie: Marshmallow ($4). I also picked up a Seche Vite top coat ($5) as well but it hasn't arrived yet (and its after the delivery date). But luckily if you have seen one Seche Vite bottle you've seen them all so just imagine a bottle of Seche Vite here. 

   So yeah, I spent a bit of money on these polishes but since Marshmallow is usually $8-$10 (depending on where you buy it), all four China Glaze are regular price $7 and Atlantis it self is HTF (Hard To Find) and Seche Vite is anywhere between $7 and $10. I saved quite a bit by waiting to get them online and when all the prices I stated above included shipping. And that's why I have a wishlist on Amazon. It's an easy way to track prices so you know when to buy your lemmings or your necessities (like Seche Vite). I saved $10 on China Glaze, $4 on Essie and $2 on Seche Vite. That's a total of $16 in savings. And I'm pretty proud of that. Nothing better than getting pretties for less than sticker price. Am I right? Yay, saving money and yay, pretty polish. That's all I I have for you today so until next time. Stay classy and stay polished. 

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