Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Spiders Nail Art

     Today, I have a Halloween manicure to show you guys. It actually started as a swatch...but I just didn't care for the color all by itself so I added some nail art. I've never been the woman who can pull off orange...especially bright neon orange so I figured add some black and bring it back into my color wheel. I guess it worked out because I liked it a lot better with black spiders and spider webs than by it self. So, with out further ado here's my Halloween spider manicure.
Indoor with flash.

Indoor no flash.

Outdoor in shade. 

Outdoor in sunlight. 

Products used:
OPI - Hi, Pumpkin!
Nail Star - Black
Nail Star - Red
Konad - Black
Americana - Black
Americana - White Wash
(Middle Finger) Stamping plate - Konad M13 

     So there you have it my Halloween spider mani. As far as the polish goes...ehhh, not a big fan of the orange polish. It took 3 coats to be opaque and it's just this side of garnish on someone as pale as my lily white self. But I think if you have nice tanned or dark skin you could probably rock the crap out of this color. But if you are as white as a ghost (like myself) you might want to pass this color up. I do better with more reddish orange polishes and this is a more of a yellowish orange polish...but hey it's Halloween nail art. It's supposed to be loud, garish and look at me, look at me orange. Right??? Anyway what do you guys think? I hope you enjoy this manicure. Until next time, stay classy and stay polished. 

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