Saturday, October 6, 2012

China Glaze Make A Spectacle and Snow Globe Comparison.

     If you are like me you hesitated to buy Make A Spectacle (MAS) because in the bottle it looks (in the bottle) almost exactly like China Glaze Snow Globe (SG) from last years Christmas collection. When I saw the bottle I thought "Dang it China Glaze stop reusing colors" (Only a more colorful language that's best not used on my blog). But I decided I would buy it anyway since my SG is about half empty and to my surprise and pleasure found out that they are nothing a like. Not even a tiny bit.

The bottles.
Left to right: Snow Globe and Make A Spectacle.

On white background. 
Sorry I need to buy a nail wheel but these note cards will stand in for now. 

Outdoor in shade.

Outdoor in sunlight.

     So you can see that MAS a hexagonal mixed with micro-falkie glitter that shows green, gold and orange, while SG is a multi-sized hexagonal glitter that shows blue, pink, teal, and silver. Bottom line they are nothing alike. MAS says fall (the colors remind me of fall leaves) and SG says winter (colors remind me of icicles and snow flakes). It's so weird that they look so similar in the bottle and so drastically different on the nail. You can't make a bad choice with either polish and having both is divine. Also please forgive the note card swatches...I need to buy a nail wheel but forget to every time I go to the store. That's all I have today so until next time. Stay classy and stay polished. 


  1. SG is on the note card and MAS is whats on the nail, is that correct? Thanks for comparing them!

    1. That is correct Snow Globe is on the card and Make a Spectacle is on my nail. You are welcome. I wanted to see them side by side myself. Mostly because they look so similar in the bottle I think people should see that they are not similar at all when applied over black.