Friday, February 1, 2013

Peel Off Base Coat and Daily Wear.

   Okay, so this is kind of a weird post but I figured it was a worth while post. If you have been following the chatter among nail bloggers about peel off base coats then you know what I am about to talk about. Peel off base coats and glitter polish. Basically peel off base coat is white school glue brushed onto the nail as a base coat under glitter polish (Tutorial by Kayla Shevonne here) to make it come off easier.

Good old fashion Elmers School Glue. I applied it with a nail art brush. 

    So I figured I'd try it since half of my nail polish collection is glitter and with the arrival of new indie polishes that are mainly or all chunky glitter, now felt like the right time to give it a whirl. So, I applied my base coat and then applied Floam. A few words of advice if you are thinking of trying this...don't get any on your cuticles. If you do get some on your cuticles, try to remove it before it dries, because if you wait for it to dry it may pull all the glue off your nail and you'll have to start over. And also let it dry completely of you'll have a real mess on your hands.
      It actually wore pretty well through several hand washing's and a shower (which shocked me because Elmers glue is supposed to wash off). And true to other bloggers statements it does peel off making glitter polish that would have been a nightmare to remove a cinch. See.

      I can definitely see the benefit of using this method if you are going to be swatching a lot of polish. It will make you life easier. The bad news. But as for long term wear...don't count of long term wear. If you are not a blogger and not swatching polish but want to wear a polish for several days this method is not for you. I had the polish on my right ring finger pop off while texting a day after application. And I wasn't even pushing the screen that hard, and it just popped off. So good for a swatch, bad for long term wear. But hey if that's all you are looking to do go for it...or if you are like me and you just like painting your nails and you would have painted them the next day anyway, it's probably worth giving it a try. What are your thoughts? Peel off base coat yeah or nay? Have you guys tried it yet? Let me know what your experience was. Until next time stay classy and stay polished.

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