Thursday, February 21, 2013

Color Club Gift Of Sparkle (Sally Beauty Supply edition)

     So the odyssey of scented nail polish continues. Today, I am going to show you guys Gift Of Sparkle from Color Club's A Winter Affair collection. Now there are two versions of Gift Of Sparkle floating around out there. One for Sally Beauty Supply (which is what I am going to show you) that is a metallic blue sparkle and one which is a purple glitter. Why they did that, I don't know...other than to make us want both. The evil geniuses.

Indoor with flash. 

Indoor no flash.
*Best color representation.'s trying to snow so it's shade(ish).

Indoor no flash. 

     All pictures are with two coats of Gift Of Sparkle with a layer of topcoat. This formula dries quickly and applies easily. It's also worth noting that for a blue metallic polish it removes fairly easy (most of them are a real pain in the butt to take off). The smell of this polish is supposed to be (according to Sally Beauty) hot cocoa and marshmallows. And I definitely smell that...but it smells more like the powdered cocoa mix with dehydrated marshmallows than a real cup of cocoa. Which let's face it, is not the same thing, but not a bad smell either. It reminds me of fall/winter mornings when my mom would make me hot chocolate with breakfast (I know I was spoiled but what can I say my mommy loved me). It's just a really sweet cocoa vanilla smell. If you are not a chocoholic as I am or if you are one of those people who don't like chocolate (That's just unnatural by the way) then you might want to pass this one by. But other than that it's probably my favorite metallic blue that I own. In fact I wish I had bought a big bottle of this one (instead of the mini) and passed on Blue Bells Ring by China Glaze (since they are very similar colors) and this one doesn't stain your nails. Beyond the removal of Gift of Sparkle being easier than Blue Bells Ring the smell is 1000 times better. Anyway that's all I have for you guys today. Until next time stay classy and stay polished.

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