Sunday, February 10, 2013

Color Club Halo-Graphic

     Today, I have Color Club Halo-Graphic from the Halo-Hues (2012) Collection to show you guys. Halo-Graphic is a medium pinkish-violet linear (you see lines of holo not just particles) holographic polish. I'm still sick so I am going to keep this post short. Here's Halo-Graphic.

Indoor no flash. 

Indoor with Flash.

Outdoor in sunlight. 

Outdoor in shade. 

Indoor no flash. 

Outdoor in sunlight. 

     All photos were with three coats of Halo-Graphic and a coat of topcoat. This formula is thick, but it dries quickly and applies easily. I did find out however that if you go to thin on the coats with this polish it gets a weird streaky look. So do nice normal coats. You will also want to know that you need to make sure as you brush it on that you make straight strokes with the brush or the holo won't show up properly. Other than being a bit persnickety this polish is gorgeous. Color Club really knows how to do holographic nail polish. Anyway that's all I have for you today. Until next  time, stay classy and stay polished.

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