Monday, February 4, 2013

Color Club Love 'Em/Leave 'Em Swatch and Review

     Today, I am going to show you Love 'Em/Leave 'Em (LELE) from Color Club's Wild At Heart collection. LELE is a mildly holographic peachy pink polish. I say mildly holographic because it's not a Halo-Hues, knock you on your butt, look-at-me holo. It's a pretty peachy polish that has holographic particles in's hard to explain so I'll just show you.

Indoor with flash. 

Indoor no flash.

Outdoor in sunlight. 

Outdoor in shade. 

Indoor no flash. 

Outdoor in sunlight. 

The bottle:
From left to right: Indoor with flash, indoor no flash, outdoor in sunlight, and outdoor in shade. 

     All pictures are with two layers of LELE and a layer of topcoat. LELE's formula is average consistency, that applies easily and dries quickly. Can I just tell you this may be my new go to "can't decide on a color" polish. It's so very pretty, plus it's subtle enough to be worn to work (even is strict offices). It's pretty peach color reminds me of sugared peaches (when you lightly caramelize peaches and sprinkle them with sugar). I can't say enough good things about this polish. If you don't have it, you need it. Trust me on this one she is a real beauty. That's all I have for you guys today. Until next time, stay classy and stay polished.

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