Monday, September 17, 2012

Rapunzel Nails Tutorial

     So I came up with this idea to do a latticed manicure with my duochrome polishes and after a swatch-fest and the help of my dear friend (and minion) Marcie (look over there ----> it's her fault if you don't like the colors.) I/we decided on the colors I would use for this manicure and since I haven't done a tutorial for ages I figured I would make this one a tutorial. First of all when I started this manicure I had no idea what I was going to call it but after discussing it with Marcie she said it reminded her of Rapunzel. I was like what???

But as it turns out she meant this...

And I was thinking this....
Yeah...I think I've seen the Shrek movies to many times. 

     Her idea made more sense after I realized we were thinking of two different versions of the same character and I thought "you know...why not?" I have a name for my manicure and after thinking about it I kind of get the connection. But enough of my blathering lets get to the tutorial.

Here's what you will need
A top coat (ORLY Won't Chip), a base coat (ORLY Bonder), OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, and China Glaze No Plain Jane.

You will need striping tape and tweezers.

You will also need some q-tips for clean up.

Start with clean dry nails, that are filed and cuticles pushed back. I still feel I should blur my nail nudity. LOL

Now apply a base coat.

Apply your base colors and let fully dry. I used 2 coats of each OPI Just Spotted The Lizard, and China Glaze No Plain Jane.
I reversed the colors on my ring finger for an accent nail. 

Cut striping tape into inch (varies depending on your nail length and width) pieces and apply to nail.
Make sure you really press down on the tape. If it doesn't stick well to your nail then there will be no design after you remove it. 

Apply 2 coats of polish over the striping tape. Allow about a minute to dry before moving to next step.

Remove striping tape. Use tweezers so you don't end up with polish where you don't want it.

And have something around to stick the striping tape to when you are done. I used an index card that happened to be lurking around my desk.

Clean up your cuticles.

Apply a top coat.

Indoor with flash.

Indoor without flash.

Outdoor in sunlight.

Outdoor in the shade.

     So there you have it the Rapunzel nail manicure. I hope you found this tutorial easy and helpful, and most importantly like you could do this yourself. I was thinking about posting some tunes with this post (i.e. a play list) becuase this manicure will take you a while. But to be honest I was just listening to the new Matchbox Twenty CD. If you haven't heard it you should it's freaking awesome and if you could't tell I'm kind of obsessed with it at the moment. Oh crap...I can't resist here is Parade.

     Thank for indulging my obsession of the moment. I also want to mention that I will most likely be MIA through the end of the week since my birthday is Wednesday (and no I won't tell you how old I am, so don't ask. A lady never tells and if you know and you tell, I will kick you in the shin for doing so). So, I will have several posts in the early part of the week but the second half I'll be doing birthday related things/shenanigans. Anyway that's all I have for you today, until next time stay classy and stay polished. 

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