Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dollish Polish We're Simply Meant To Be

     So before I get to the swatch I wanted to apologize for being MIA this week. Between Spring cleaning and a new workout routine, I have been busy...and had a serious case of T-Rex arms due to over doing it with the weights. It's hard to paint your nails when it hurts to extend your arms away from your body. Still a little sore but getting used to it.
      Anyway, today I am going to show you guys We're Simply Meant To Be from Dollish Polish's The Nightmare Before Christmas collection. We're Simply Meant to Be is a mix of hexagonal, square and micro glitter, in silver, violet, burgundy, black, pink, lavender, teal, and yellow all in a clear base. For the swatch I applied it over OPI Skull & Glossbones. Enjoy.

Indoor no flash. 

Indoor with flash. 

Outdoor in sunlight.

Outdoor in shade. 

Indoor no flash. The only black Square glitter that came out.

Indoor no flash. 

Outdoor in sunlight. The only black square glitter that came out. 

Outdoor in sunlight. 

You can stalk Dollish Polish's Facebook here and buy their polish here

We're Simply Meant To Be - The Nightmare Before Christmas OS

     All pictures were taken with two coats of We're Simply Meant To Be over two coats of OPI Skull & Glossbones, finished with a layer of top coat. The polish applies easily (which is awesome considering how many sizes and types of glitter are in it) and dries at an average pace. Over all I love this polish. It's so pretty.  I saw the bottle and was like "It must be mine," then put it on and fell madly in love with it. The only issue (and it's not an issue for me specifically) is that the large black square glitter wanted to hide in the bottle. I only got one of them out. Which may be a deal breaker for you...but it's not for me, it's so pretty that with or without the black squares it's amazing. Also seriously if you haven't seen The Nightmare Before Christmas yet get out from under the rock you live under and watch it. It's a freaking awesome movie. Well that's all I have for you guys today. Until next time, stay classy, and stay polished.

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