Friday, April 12, 2013

OPI My Vampire Is Buff

     Today, I have My Vampire Is Buff (MVIB) from OPI's Euro Central collection to show you guys. MVIB is a pale peachy creme polish. I really don't know what else to say about here are some pictures.

Indoor with flash. 

Indoor no flash. 

Outdoor in sunlight. 
*Best color representation. 

Outdoor in shade. 

     All pictures are with 3 coats of MVIB and a layer of top coat. This formula is thin and streaky when applied. I'm really not a fan of the formula for this polish. It's like a lot of OPI pale cremes and you have to add several layers to get it opaque. I did two thin layers and one thick layer and I am still not completely happy with it. Don't get me wrong I love OPI...but they need to do some work on their pale creme polishes...I don't like polishes that I have to apply more than two layers. The dry time is long (due to more than two layers), and like I said it's really streaky and that makes application less than ideal. Beyond the formula the color is nice, looks good alone or as a base color for a glitter topper...but is it worth the formula problems...meh, maybe...if you buy it on sale (think clearance prices), or get it as a gift but I wouldn't pay full price for this. In fact if I had known the formula would be such a pill I probably would not have purchased it myself. Has anyone else had this problem with MVIB? Or is it just me and my bottle? Anyway that's all I have for you today. Until next time, stay classy and stay polished.

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