Tuesday, May 28, 2013

OPI Vesper

     Today, I have Vesper from OPI's Bond Girls collection to show you guys. Vesper is a deep dark purple liquid sand polish....in fact it's so dark purple that in some lights it looks almost black. And it's matte...yet glittery...And As you know I love dark glittery polish with all my Valkyrie heart. So with out further ado here's Vepser.

Indoor no flash. 
*Best color representation.

Indoor with flash. 

Outdoor in sunlight. 

Outdoor in shade. 

Indoor with out flash.

Outdoor in sunlight. 

     In all the pictures above I used 3 coats of Vesper and no top coat. Yeah so the formula on this one was not as great as the other two I have in this collection. It's pretty thin and dries pretty slow. And I'm a little annoyed that after three coats you can still see (in some lighting) a pale purple color that shows lack of pigmentation. But the wear time is the same and the color is very pretty...so it's a trade off. Over all I like it...but it's probably my least favorite of the collection that I have so far. Which is weird because it was the one I wanted the most. What do you ladies think? Have you had trouble with vesper's opacity like I did? Well that's all I have for you today. Until next time, stay classy, and stay polished.


  1. This is a sexy polish! I ordered three polishes from this collection and can't wait to use them!

    1. Nice! Which ones did you order? I have three as well (Vesper, Solitaire and Pussy Galore). I may get Jinx at some point as well. Who knows. :D