Friday, August 3, 2012

China Glaze Bohemian Collection

     So excited that my China Glaze Bohemian Collection finally arrived from yesterday. So happy in fact that I did a mani with three of the colors last night (more on that in a minute). Which is why I am posting this today I had to get a natural  light photo and it was after dark when my polish was dry enough to take some pics. I bought 5 of the six polishes. I didn't buy Rare and Radiant because I already own OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard and it's an exact dupe for that color. Here's my new babies.

In order of appearance: No Plain Jane, Swanky Silk, Want My Bawdy, Deviantly Daring, and Unpredictable. 

Now for their close ups.
 Deviantly Daring
     This is by far my favorite polish in the collection. It's a dark teal that transitions to a metallic jade. I have yet to see a picture that does this polish justice. This is a must have if you like duochromes or if you like blue nail polish. Either way this polish is a beauty. I am deeply smitten with this polish, and it may be my new favorite polish.

 No Plane Jane
     This polish is a medium purple polish that transitions to a peachy tan-ish color that if I was going to name it I would call it caramelized peach. This one's duochrome came across a little washed out in the picture but the tan areas are more pink that they appear in the picture. I took like 25 pictures and couldn't capture a true color representation. But trust me it's really pretty.

Swanky Silk 
     This polish does not photograph well at all. I took 3 dozen pictures and none of them showed the color change that this polish exhibits. This polish is another one you really have to see (and wear) to appreciate it. It's a platinum-ish gold that transitions to a soft metallic baby pink. A very pretty subtle duochrome.

     I was really happy with how this polish photographed. It's a mint green that transitions to a copper then a teal color. It's really pretty and if you love green or just duochromes you should pick this one up asap.

Want My Bawdy
     And lastly Want My Bawdy. This one also photographed fairly well. This polish shifts from a dark blue to a lighter bluish purple color. This is probably the least duochrome of the set. It's such a subtle color shift that it looks more like a metallic blue than a true duochrome. But if you look closely the color shift is there it's just very, very subtle. 

     Like I said earlier I was so excited to get these polishes that I opened the box immediately and couldn't decide which polish to wear. So I decided why not do some nail art and use more than one. I used a gradient sponging technique and stamping for this look. 


I used Swanky Silk, No Plain Jane, and stamped Deviantly Daring over top.
I used Shany plate SH18.

I definitely think this line was worth both the wait and the money. They are all so pretty and apply like a dream. Do you guys have them yet? What do you think of them? Which one is your favorite color? Leave me a comment and let me know. Well that's all I have for you for today. Until next time Stay classy and stay polished. 

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  1. I just painted my nails with Deviantly Daring. It's gorgeous and applies like butter on hot toast :)