Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Love Clearance Nail Polish! Mini 'Great Deal' Haul!

     Okay, so I had to make a few stops yesterday and I always check the nail polish sections when I'm in a store. I can't help it, I'm a nail polish addict don't judge me. Anyway, I always check just in case something awesome is for a really good price and this week it really paid off. I had to get some nail polish remover and some base coat in Sally Beauty Supply and they were having a 50% off red tag clearance sale. I kind of wished that I would have gone in sooner because my local Sally was pretty picked over...but they still had at least one polish that caught my eye. So I picked up an Orly polish I have been wanting for quite a while. I picked up Decades of Dysfunction for $1.35 (originally $6.99). Who did a happy dance in Sally's? That'd be me. I had wanted to get this polish for quite sometime and the price was to good to pass up.

Here's what I got at Sally's.
   I also got a 32oz acetone nail polish remover that just looked to gigantic in the picture so I left it out. Now normally I don't buy pure acetone polish remover but I needed it to remove my gel polish and it's a god send to remove glitter polish, and clean up my nail art brushes. I also got a bottle of Bonder because I was almost out. Also on a side note if you are serious about nail polish/nail art get a Sally Beauty card it saved me a dollar each off both the Bonder and the nail polish remover. It's a great way to save a couple bucks every time you go in to Sally's. 

     Next I stopped into Fred Meyers and checked the clearance isle and scored some pretty amazing deals. I picked up two items at amazing prices. Here's what I got.

     I really enjoyed the other Gel Perfect product I have...well I do now after I learned how to use it properly. Anyway when you buy a Gel Perfect product you get a coupon in the package for $2 off your next Gel Perfect product. I had it in my wallet when I went in and found that there were still Gel Perfect polishes on clearance and that the clearance was an additional 50% off the red price. So here's the break down on the awesome price for Gel perfect. It's original price was $12 but after the clearance mark down and additional 50% off it was only $4.78. Wait it get's better. Then I used my $2 coupon which made my Gel Perfect only $2.78 (that's a $9.22 savings!). How freaking cool is that? Also I got another coupon inside this box so I may have to go back again. I also picked up a Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips, for two reasons, first I have wanted to try them for a really long time (but the price makes me cringe), and two for the price I couldn't pass these strips (normally $9) up, because after clearance and additional 50% off I picked it up for $3.38. That makes my total at Fred Meyers a low $6.16 for $21 worth of products. I would consider that a steal.
     So over all on clearance polish (at both stores) I picked up $28 worth of polish for a low $7.51. The only thing I love more than great polish is getting it at a great price. And when I can get them both....well that's just perfection.

     On this little shopping trip I also made a stop by my local J.C. Penny Salon and picked up two of the new OPI Germany collection. These weren't clearance prices but they were on sale. Which is still pretty freaking sweet. I hate paying full price for nail polish it makes me fact come to think of it I have never paid full price for any of my nail polish I always get a sale, clearance, coupon or whatever to knock the prices down. Anyway I digress. The OPI polishes (normally $8-$10 depending on where you buy them) are on sale for $6 each if you buy two or more. So naturally I bought two. You know to save money. And since I have very few red polishes I picked up two of the red polishes in the Germany collection.

So for $12 I picked up Danke-Shiny Red and German-Icure. 

      I don't do a lot of these haul posts because honestly I don't buy polish all that often....well let me put that in perspective. I don't buy polish as often as it seems the nail bloggers I follow seem to buy polish. But I was wondering what you guys think of haul posts. Are they cool or are the too braggadocious? Let me know what you think. Also, would like to see some swatchy goodness of these colors? If so comment below with which one you would like to see swatched and I'll post a swatch for you. Until next time, stay classy and stay polished.


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