Monday, July 30, 2012

My first Julep Maven Box!!!

     I know this is a little late but it's been kind of a crazy month for me and I am just now getting around to the post. Plus I wanted to try everything in the box before I posted about it so I could review all the items as well. I was super excited to get my first Maven box and try Julep polish for the first time...not to mention the awesome price ($0.01). So here's what was included in my first Maven Box.
Two nail polishes Courteney (pale green creme) & Hayden (Medium Peach creme) The Best Pedi Creme Ever and two toe spacers.

     The first thing that struck me when I opened the box was how nicely everything was wrapped and that they had even tossed in two free two spacer for painting my toes. That was pretty awesome. And then I opened the nicely wrapped package inside the box and was struck by how small the bottles are. I know they are only 8mL-.27 Fl. Oz but seriously they are tiny when you are used to OPI, Finger Paints, and China Glaze (all 15mL-0.5 Fl. Oz). They almost seem precious by comparison. Here's a pic of them next to a ruler and some other common everyday objects.

     The Julep bottles come in at just over 3 inches only a half inch bigger than my Burt's Bee's lip balm. Which is pretty small in the nail polish world. So after I got over how tiny the bottles are I got busy and painted my nails with Hayden. And that's when I started to get annoyed. My polish didn't even last 4 hours before I chipped the polish on my thumb. I was not happy about it. So I took off the polish and re-polished them with Courteney and this time got a full day's wear out of them before they chipped. Which is better but still irritating to me. Not to mention I had to use 3 coats of Courteney for it to be opaque. Which used 1/4 of the tiny bottle. 

Here's what was left after 1 manicure from each bottle.
Which means I could at best get maybe 4 more manicures out of each bottle.

     Here is where I am glad that I only paid a penny for my box if I had paid $20 (the regular price for a Maven box) or $14.99 (The regular price for a single bottle) I would have hit the roof. And someone it their complaints department would have had to deal with me about the quality of the polish I received. But since it was only a penny I just said "Note to self don't buy Julep polish again." Easy as that. 

     After a not so happy experience with the polish I decided to try out the pedicure creme. I mean it says "The Best Pedi Creme Ever!" right on the tube. So it must be awesome...right? Which brings me to the other reason why this post went up this week and not sooner. Because I tried the creme...and regretted it almost immediately. As you ladies know I have a skin condition called Dyshidrotic Eczema (DE) and this is what triggered my flareup this past week. Even though I washed my feet and hands after the burning itch of DE (which is an indicator of an impending flareup) it was to late. My immune system went on the attack and I had a DE outbreak. And that's why no finger pictures this week. I guess I could call Julep and complain but really what's the point I only paid a penny it's not like I am out much. The fact that I'm allergic to the pedicure creme coupled with the fact that the polish failed to perform well for me just tells me to avoid this brand in the future. And I guess if you are only wanting to wear your polish for a day or so then repaint them, then you may not mind the easy chipping. But for me if I am going to pay $20 for nail polish I would rather pick up 4 China Glaze (they are $4.99 at Sally Beauty Supply with a Sally Card), or 3 OPI for the same amount. I also reaffirmed my fear of trying new lotions and will stick with my normal lotion (Vaseline Intensive Care), because having my hands and feet covered in DE is not my idea of a good time. But hey if you don't have delicate hypersensitive (pain in the butt) skin that freaks out at new products, you may love the pedi creme. It does smell really good (Mint and Cucumber). Oh well I will just pass it along to my friend Marcie and let her have feet that are smell like cucumbers and mint.

     Has anyone else had a problem with Julep polish chipping so easily? Or with being allergic to the Pedicure creme? Any way I know I won't be buying Julep polish anytime in the near future that's for sure. Until next time stay classy and stay polished. 

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