Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mini Sally Beauty Supply Haul

This is going to be a short little post for today. I had a Sally Beauty Supply gift card that I got for graduation and a coupon for 15% off so I decided to go pick up some new polish. I was so excited to see that they had received the newest China Glaze collection "On Safari" and decided to pick a couple of them up. Not as many as I thought I wanted...that's a long(ish) story...I wanted several of them...until I saw them in person. For example I really wanted Jungle Queen but once I saw it in person I was like "meh..." it looked really bad next to my pale skin but if you are not among the tan-challenged (I'm white as a ghost over here) it might look better on you.  But I did pick up three from that line.

Here's a pic of my mini haul
From Left to Right: Orly Spazmatic, (Next 3 all China Glaze) Man Hunt, Kalahari Kiss, Desert Sun and Diamond Dry Top Coat.

I wouldn't mind getting the two glitters from the "On Safari" line (maybe if they end up on clearance) but at full price they look way to similar to the glitters I already own...and I own a lot of glitter polish. I think my inner Valkyrie is showing (You have to read Kresley Cole to get that). I also picked up a Diamond Dry top coat as it was free with purchase of any two China Glaze nail polishes. Then I decided that I also had to have this Orly Polish it's called Spazmatic and it is the prettiest teal hexagonal glitter. I think I'm in love with this glitter. The best part of this haul is that after my coupon and my $15 gift card it only cost me $2.99. How awesome is that?

Do you ladies want swatches? Let me know with comments below. As always, stay classy and stay polished. XOXO


  1. awsome! I love your looks, they are simply amazing!
    My boyfriend sent me a link from 9gag of the first 6 looks in the afternoon xD

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