Tuesday, April 1, 2014

February/March 2014 Stash Additions

     Today, I have the traditional end of the month stash addition post ...except it's from  Februart and March. I didn't have much to post for February so I combined them...then had lots of fun in March. I also had a pretty awesome life even occur yesterday so I am a day late posting this. I found out yesterday (as I was leaving for work) that I was accepted into graduate school (Squee!). So that's why this post is a day late (sorry). I had to work, then I went out and celebrated with Mr. RaynesOnyx and my BFF Marcie and her hubby. I'm really sorry it's late, but it's late for the best of reasons. So anyway, I have lots of new nail goodies to share with you guys. So, let's get to it. Here's what I got:



Essie: Fill the Gap & Matte About You

Sally Beauty Supply:

Finger Paints: Chromatic Creation, Surreal Sunset, Pass The Picasso, & Pretty Tough Pink



OPI - Gaining Mole-Mentum & Kermit Me To Speak

OPI - Muppets World Tour & Let's Do Anything We Want!

OPI - Chilin' Like A Villain

Sally Beauty:

OPI - In True Stefani Fashion & Love.Angel.Music.Baby (Both scored on Clearance for $4.50/each)

Gelish LED light

Finger Paints - Chip Free Bonder, Gelaze: Salsa, Liquid Leather, Coconut Kiss, and Gel Top Coat
(My first gel polish, Squee!)

Cinema Swatch Lacquers:

Hatsumomo & little gifts that came with it. 

Hand Written note on the back of the package of goodies (Awe! Too cute).


Maybelline Drops Of Jade, Pretty In Polka, & Clearly Spotted (Look at the price!!! I Love Target Clearance!)

Gift (From my BFF Marcie):

KB Shimmer - Prism break

     So there you have it my new nail paraphernalia for February. Did you guys get any new polish last month. If so what did you get? Comment below. Swatches to follow so keep watching. That's all I have for you today. Until next time, stay classy, and stay polished.

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