Monday, May 28, 2012

Gradient Nail Art

Some gradient nail art manicures:
 Blue glitter gradient:
Nail Polishes used: All Finger Paints; Art You Blue, Easel-y Entertained, Easel Come Easel Go!, and Laugh My Art Off
I had to mix some of them together to get the gradient.
 Brown/Grey Gradient Glitter
Polish Used:
Nail Polishes used: Brown glitter (Nubar: Jewel), Metallic grey (China Glaze: Jitterbug), dark grey chrome (China Glaze: Black Diamond) and holographic glitter (China Glaze: Fairy Dust).
The White Queen Gradient Glitter
 Polish Used: 
Glossy peach base (China Glaze: Love Letters), small white holographic glitter (China Glaze: Glacier), medium holographic glitter (China Glaze: Snow Globe), large holographic flake glitter (China Glaze:  Luxe and Lush) and small micro holographic glitter (China Glaze: Fairy Dust).
Pink to Red Gradient Glitter
Polish Used:
Finger Paints: Romanticism Ruby, Easel Come Easel Go!
China Glaze: Seduce Me
All mixed and matched to achieve the gradient. 
 Purple Gradient Glitter
Polish Used:
Finger Paints: Hue Left A Message, Purple Palette
China Glaze: Shooting Stars, VIII
 Silver and gold gradient
Polish used:
China Glaze: Ooh la la peach (base color), Passion, Nova, Techno, and Golden Enchantment.
 My New Years Eve 2012 manicure a silver glitter gradient I call Star Crossed Lovers.
Polish used: 
Color Club: Worth the Risque
China Glaze: Icicle, Nova, Fairy Dust
With black star shaped glitter for accents. 
Black To Silver Gradient Glitter.
Polish Used:
Orly: Goth
Finger Paints: Easel Come Easel Go!
Mixed in the middle to get the gradient.
Okay so yeah not technically a gradient manicure but since ombre manicures look like gradients to me this is where I am going to put it. 
Pink Ombre:
Polish Used:
China Glaze: Fifth Avenue and Dress Me Up

As with other posts if anyone wants to me to do a tutorial on any of these leave a comment and let me know. 

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