Monday, May 28, 2012

Franken Polish Creations

One of the things I have just gotten into lately is called Franken Polish. And for those of you who don't know what that is it's a unique nail polish creation. As in Frankenstein's creature (except with polish not dead people). Basically it's a conglomerate of polishes, glitters, bases, and/or pigments mixed together that make a unique custom color of nail polish. I like this idea mostly because it gives me a way to use all the polish I have by mixing and matching so no polish goes to waste. Plus I get to name them and that's just too much fun for my writer brain. Here's what I have made so far. 
 I call this one Onyx's Sparkles (black jelly with micro and hexagonal silver glitter). After a character in a novel I am working on A female character named Onyx.

From left to right: Nicole's Eyes (Teal-pearl jelly with silver and teal hexagonal glitter), Kermit's Toes (medium green pearl base with holographic flakies), and Best Sellers List (pale yellow pearl jelly with gold hexagonal glitter). 
 From Left to right: I Lycan It (Dark pink jelly with holographic flakies), Hadley's Sparkle (pale pink-pearl with pink micro and hexagonal glitter), and Cammy's Mystique (Purple-pearl base with pink hexagonal and micro glitter). All of these names are inspired by my werewolf novel or characters in it. 
 Sierra's Bling (deep red jelly with multi-color, multi-size glitter). Named after the main character in my werewolf novel.
 Deep Space 666 (Black jelly with blue and red micro glitter). 
 Mermaids Tail (Dark teal-pearl jelly with teal and silver hexagonal glitter).
 Cotton Candy Carnival (pink jelly base with multi-color, multi-size glitter)
The Gnome King's Tears (Pale green creme with a slight shimmer which you can't see because it won't stop raining and I can't get a good picture of it.).

All of these polishes where made by me from either partial bottles, pigments, bases and glitters I have purchased. They just ended up in empty bottles of other brand name polish because I like to reuse when I can and I hate wasting anything much less an empty (perfectly usable) nail polish bottles. So I re-purposed the bottles and now they hold my polish creations.

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