Monday, May 28, 2012

First Post

So I am kind of new to this blogging thing but everyone (and by everyone I mean my dear friend Marcie) keeps telling (and by telling I mean insisting) me that I start a blog about my nail art. So here it is. And since I've finally taken the plunge and started a blog this will be the new home for all my nail art, crafts, and random beauty what have you's. Most of the first posts will consist of nail art that I have done with in the past year or so. And newer posts as I do new nail art, buy new polishes, discover new tips/tricks etc.

First things first I am not a professional anything. In fact, other than having a degree in Psychology (minor in Creative Writing) I am completely self taught (in nail care and art) and any ideas I come up with are from trial and error and my own general bumbling through things. That and I watch a lot of YouTube tutorials. So any tips, tricks, theories, or opinions are strictly my own as they have worked (or not worked) for me and should be treated as such. They are just things that worked (or didn't) for me and I hope they help (or at least entertain) others.

I will do themes upon occasion, the occasional tutorial, some pics/swatches of custom polishes (or Franken Polish) I have made, and some swatches of new polishes I have purchased. I do have favorite brands however and they will make regular appearances on my blog because well...I love them and they make me happy. Since I have to buy my own polish and do not get free samples (as of 05/28/2012) like some bloggers do I will not be posting full line swatches as of yet. Mostly because I am like you, an average woman, on a budget and I can't afford to go out and buy entire lines of nail polish on my own. By necessity I will be self limiting to what I can afford on my own dime. As of right now I will only use polishes I can afford (and colors/brands I like) and have purchased myself or received as a gift from friends/family. So barring the awesome (wondrous, incredible and most welcome) event of companies being awesome enough to send me free samples (Which I will would definitely be willing to try and post about it) I will only be showing polishes, nail art supplies, etc. I have purchased myself.

Okay so about me. I love all things nail polish, nail art, beauty, DIY, cooking, writing, movies, and pretty much all things about being a girl. I want this blog to be a place where everyone can see what I've been up to, learn, meet friends, and most importantly to have fun. Because nail art and beauty should be fun if it's not you're not doing it right. In case you haven't noticed yet I am silly, and weird and you are encouraged to do/be the same. I look forward to getting to know new people who also enjoy, all things nail related. So welcome to everyone and enjoy my blog. I look forward to this new venture and meeting and making friends in the nail art, nail polish, beauty, and DIY communities.

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