Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finger Paints Pretty Tough Pink

     Today, I am going to show you Pretty Tough Pink from Finger Paints. Pretty Tough Pink is a textured metallic pink polish. I'm kind of over the whole texture polish thing, and I was not aware that this polish was a texture when I bough it. I bought it because I liked the color. So I blindly (read this as: without having seen it swatched) bought it because it was a pretty color. Then when I got it home and tried it on my nails poof: texture. But not to worry this one is actually more subtle in texture than the China Glaze, and the OPI textures. This one is like intro to nail texture.Texture for beginners...texture for those of us who are like "Meh, to texture polish." But enough trying to explain it. It's easier just to show you any way. So here (without any further ado) is Pretty Tough Pink:


Indoor no flash.

Indoor no flash. 

Indoor with flash. 


Indoor no flash. 

     In these pictures I used one coat of Pretty Tough Pink and no top coat. That's right one coat...And it's opaque. Well played Finger Paints well played. The polish applied easily and the texture while unexpected wasn't that big of a deal on account of it's subtle nature. The one coat was pretty awesome as well. This polish also wore really well and came off super easy (when compared to other texture polish). I was able to use regular acetone polish remover not pure acetone like I have to use to remove other textures. So final verdict: I love it, even though I'm over texture polish. This one is pretty ans subtle enough I didn't end up minding the texture. Well that's all I have for you guys today. Until next time, stay classy, and stay polished.

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