Saturday, July 12, 2014

Orly Macabre Masquerade

     Today, I have Macabre Masquerade from Orly's Secret Society collection to show you guys. Macabre Masquerade has silver, pink, red, teal, and navy blue micro glitter in a metallic blue base. I hope you are ready for your Valkyrie genes to be triggered. This polish is a glitter bomb. In fact it's so glittery that It was literally impossible to take pictures of this polish with a flash. So without further ado, here's Macabre Masquerade:


Indoor no flash.

Indoor no flash.


Indoor no flash.

     In these pictures I used three coats of  Macabre Masquerade and a heavy coat of top coat.  Macabre Masquerade applies easily and dries quickly. My only real complaint about this polish is that removal is a beast. Glitter every where! I had to wash my hands twice after the polish was removed to get rid of all the clinging tiny glitters. But I still love it. Blue glitter is one of my favorite kinds of glitter. Anyway that's all I have for you guys today. Until next time, stay classy, and stay polished.

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