Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Elf Nails

     So yeah, I know I haven't posted in a while but I have a really good reason for that. The sinus infection I battled the week before Thanksgiving...yeah it came back on me and I have been one really unhappy camper for the last two weeks. Let's just say I am going to be on antibiotics for like a month because this sinus infection is just awful. So sorry about the non-posting. But If it helps I have (and still am) fairly sick. I did manage to get in one Christmas manicure though so here it is. Today I have a Christmas Elves manicure to share with you. I saw someone on Instagram did an elf manicure that was similar and gave me the inspiration. ...But I can't remember who did the manicure so sorry about the lack of credit given, it wasn't to be malicious. I am just all germ infected and my memory sucks. I spent several hours trying to find out who, but to no avail. Also I had catastrophic nail failure and have nubs again for a little while. But anyway they did a similar manicure and gave me the inspiration for this one. So here it is.


Indoor no flash. 

Indoor with flash. 

What I Used:

China Glaze - Holly-Day
China Glaze - Gaga For Green
China Glaze - Salsa
Americana - Mustard Seed
Americana - White Wash
Ceramcoat - Black

    This is all free hand and actually pretty easy to do. Which is why I picked it on account of being the host of viral plague (at least in my sinuses). But seriously why to we have to have so many sinuses and why hasn't someone invented sinus reduction surgery. I could really use a few less sinuses about now. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this manicure and have a safe, happy, and warm Christmas. I am going to go rest and try to feel better. Until next time, stay classy and stay polished.

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