Wednesday, December 11, 2013

China Glaze Party Hearty

     Today, I have a swatch for you guys of Party Hearty from China Glaze Let it Snow 2010 collection. As you know I received this polish on Christmas Eve last year and never got to swatch it for you guys. Mostly because I just can't bring myself to wear Christmas polish after Christmas. So now that Christmas has come around again here it is with no further ado.


Indoor no flash tilted.

Indoor no flash.
*No outdoor pictures because it's 4 degrees outside and frostbite is not on my To Do list.
*No flash pictures because this polish is a glitter bomb that gives my camera seizures. 


Indoor no flash. 

     For this picture I used two coats of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons as underwear, two coats of Party Hearty on top, and a heavy layer of topcoat to finish it off. Over all, I really like this polish. It applies like regular polish (no dabbing needed), dies quickly, and has a huge sparkle pay off. I'm so glad this polish is no longer a lemming for me, it's now a treasured part or my collection. If you can still get a hold of this polish I highly recommend it because is gorgeous. It kind of makes me wish China Glaze would go back to traditional Christmas colors for their Christmas polish collection glitters, instead of the pink, purple mixtures of the last two years. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this swatch as much as I enjoy wearing it. That's all I have for you today, so until next time, stay classy, and stay polished.

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