Saturday, August 24, 2013

17 Nail Art

     Today, I have nail art that is pretty special to me. Free warning this will be a sentimental post. If you don't like that back out now and go no further. Today is an anniversary of sorts. 17 years ago today I was injured pretty badly in a car crash and worst of all lost my mother, because of a drunk driver. It doesn't matter how many years have passed, it doesn't get any easier. It doesn't help that for quite some time I was told not to talk about it (what happened to her and what happened to me) and to push it away. I'm not doing that any more. It's my past, and I can share it with whomever the "F" I want to. So, I am sharing with you, my darling followers. This year I thought I would do some memorial nail art. To memorialize the day I changed forever and the day I lost the person who gave me everything good inside me (Including my artistic ability). I want to take this August 24th and make it about my art and my love for my mother. Make the day a little easier on me by doing something I love. For someone I love. So without further ado. Here is my 17 manicure.


Indoor no flash. 

Indoor with flash. 

What I Used:

China Glaze - Kinetic Candy

China Glaze - Life Is Rosy
China Glaze - Holly-Day
China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky
China Glaze - White On White
Konad - White
Konad - Black
Konad - Red
Stamping Plates:
Mash - Mash-36
Konad - M59 & M79
Shany - SH206

A song that reminds me of my mother:

Beam Me Up by P!nk

      I used self made decals, stamping, and free hand nail art to get this look. I chose a rose because she loved them. Let me be clear here, I am probably the only female on the planet who hates roses. Because I have only ever received roses when someone has died and after 4 grandparents, 2 friends, my brother, and my mom...They are irrevocably tainted by death for me and I loath them for that. Creepy little death flowers. But again she loved them. I chose the dove because I have a necklace that belonged to her it's a plain metal dove. We had one put on her grave marker and I have the same bird tattooed on my left shoulder. While I know some see the dove as a religious symbol, it has nothing to do with religion for me. And everything to do with peace. For her. For me. Just peace. The number is pretty self explanatory I think. And the big one small. Well, if I have to explain that one to haven't been paying attention. 
     So there you have it. My 17 year memorial manicure. I hope you guys enjoyed the manicure. And if I may offer a few free bits of advice (from someone who knows). Don't drink and drive. You can scar someone to the core of their being and destroy so many lives. And also, go hug your mom. Tell her you love her. Because you never know when the last time, will be the last time. Until next time stay classy and stay polished. 


  1. It's brave of you to share this.I know the loss from my own experience in 2010.I became polish obsessed to push my feelings down,and also because I couldn't wear eye makeup for 9 months after my mother passed.I felt it was the greatest loss, having already lost my brother and father.I follow you on IG too.Take care, and keep on polish ing ;-) ♡

    1. Thanks doll. I don't know if it was brave...I was just tired of keeping it in and being told to keep it in...keeping it in was much harder than letting it out. And rest assured there is no danger of me not polishing. I have some pretty awesome (IMO) nail art coming up. And thanks for following me. :D ♥

  2. Just found your blog and love that you could share that story. I don't know why you were told to bottle up those emotions but I am glad you feel better letting them out where they should be. I am sorry for your loss. Today is my mum's birthday and our family went out to breakfast. I can't imagine the pain you went through, especially under the dour circumstances. Your manicure is absolutely gorgeous and something I couldn't begin to do so it is good to see gals online like you to share your artistic ability with those of us who have so little. I am so thankful for my extensive stamping plate collection otherwise I would have some boring nails. LOL
    I am following you on bloglovin and can't wait to see what else you come up for us.

    1. Thanks! It's always nice to know who's following me on Bloglovin since it just gives me a number. I can now name two of you that folow me over there. LOL! As for the why I was told to keep it in...let's just say that my family isn't the share your feeling type of family. It's more of the bottle it up and let it fester quietly as mental illness kind of family...but don't worry I'm in recovery. I have lots of fun nail art planed (in all different styles). Two pretty big ones in November for a couple of movies that are coming out (I'm pretty excited about both the nail art and the movies). There will also be some fall and a ton of Halloween nail art. This is my favorite time of year for nail art. And pretty much my favorite time of the year period. Oh, and thanks for following me.